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Flanagan | Bilton has focused specifically on property tax matters for over 50 years, and as a result, our clients have saved billions of dollars in property taxes.


Representing over 5,000 properties in the United States, Flanagan | Bilton has built long- lasting relationships and is a familiar name to the people assessing and recording property taxes throughout the country. While our local knowledge means we take into consideration the prevailing appraisal methods of a specific county, we have the aptitude to introduce a national perspective into a property’s valuation. F|B Advantage No matter where in the nation your real estate holdings are located, with Flanagan | Bilton, you always have home court advantage.


Flanagan | Bilton has been focused on property tax matters for more than 50 years. Before founding Flanagan | Bilton, our principals accumulated over 30 years of service with state and local government – focusing on tax matters, property valuations and litigation at the trial level, appellate level and Supreme Court.

F|B Advantage
We have served on both sides of the property tax assessment process. We know the system and how it works.


No matter how geographically diverse your portfolio, Flanagan | Bilton has nationwide resources to manage your tax appeals. Our online reporting system offers instant access, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for simplified property tax assessment reports.

F|B Advantage
Managing assessment protests for a nationwide property portfolio is simplified to allow you to focus on your core business.


Unlike most tax consulting groups, Flanagan | Bilton is a property tax Law Firm. Our in-house resources include the full spectrum of top-notch professionals – attorneys, appraisers, CPA’s, and tax consultants – to make sure you pay the lowest possible property taxes.

F|B Advantage
If we appeal a property tax for you, you have the confidence of knowing that appeal will be based upon – and backed by – the work of knowledgeable professionals who will focus their considerable experience to move your appeal through the process. For complex properties, proper focus and experience are key to the success of an appeal.


This is critical in handling all phases of property tax protests. Different types of expertise are needed at various stages of the tax protest process. While some states allow consultants to represent taxpayers, many states require attorneys and more states than ever are following this example. Still others allow you to use a consultant at an informal level, but a lawyer must appear at any formal proceeding. Our approach uniquely combines both field of expertise.

F|B Advantage
Flanagan | Bilton has the flexibility to utilize the appropriate associates for effective communication at each level. As trained advocates, coupled with their capability to file a lawsuit, our attorneys perform an important role in the appeal process. With Flanagan | Bilton, you are covered in every aspect of the appeals process, assuring you seamless, consistent representation.

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