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The largest National Property Tax Law Firm with over 50 years of experience ensures that your portfolio pays the lowest property taxes. Our in-house resources include: Attorneys, Appraisers, CPA’s, and Tax Consultants.

About Flanagan | Bilton

Flanagan | Bilton LLC, is the largest national property tax law firm, with over 50 years of experience. We excel at reducing property taxes nationwide. Our firm has secured billions of tax savings for our clients. We represent properties in all 50 states and in Canada. With a local presence and a national scope, we represent clients around the world from one-off properties to fortune 500 real estate portfolios.

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At Flanagan | Bilton LLC, we represent a vast number of asset classes that include: Office, Retail, Industrial, Hotels, Multi-Family, and many more ...

With Property Taxes being one of your largest expenses, it’s important to choose qualified experts who get the best results. Property values are constantly changing and property tax laws vary widely across the nation. We focus specifically on property tax matters that range from: Real Property Valuations, Business Personal Property Returns, and the Entire Litigation Process. Having served on both sides of the property tax assessment process we know the system and how it works.

Unlike most tax consulting groups, Flanagan Bilton is a property tax law firm. Our in house team consists of: Attorneys, Real Estate Brokers, CPA’s, Tax Consultants, CMI, and CIAO. With access to all major market research databases so, we’re prepared for each and any property tax situation. Since our team fulfills such a broad range of needs, we have the ability to handle appeals from informal administrative levels all the way up to the supreme court.

Based on a custom built solution that features both a client portal and an internal system that is fully integrated into our day to day operations our platform is ever growing and features customized client reporting, messages, notifications, and tax tracking services. Our clients take advantage of Flanagan Biltons’ service offerings which include: Tax Appeals, Tax Bill Tracking, Personal Property Filings, Property Tax Estimates, Access to F|B Client Portal, Property Tax Budgeting.

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At Flanagan Bilton, we lower property taxes on commercial real estate. Whether it be office, retail, hotels or any other commercial property, we’ve done it all.

Established in 1967, and covering all 50 states, our expertise, and technology is unmatched. We’ve got you covered across the entire U.S. and Canada. Over 50 years in all 50 states. Streamline your property tax management and save money. Choose Flanagan Bilton.

Flanagan | Bilton is committed to providing a complete customized service for each client

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Practice Areas

We specialize in specific practice areas in order to provide the top class service your portfolio deserves. Flanagan | Bilton LLC proudly represents a number of prestigious institutions, leading publicly traded and privately held entities in the U.S.


Flanagan | Bilton monitors and evaluates property tax assessments, files appeals, negotiates settlements, appears before boards or property tax commissions, and pursue legal remedies.


Unlike tax consulting firms, Flanagan | Bilton is a property tax law firm, handling the appeal process from local assessing offices to filing lawsuits all the way up to the Supreme Court.


For those jurisdictions that require a taxpayer to file tangible personal property reports, Flanagan|Bilton prepares timely and accurate filings of personal property schedules to local governing bodies.


Before purchasing a property, Flanagan | Bilton will investigate its tax status and provide property tax estimates for potential acquisitions.


After consulting with the owner, we prepare the necessary forms to participate in any applicable tax incentive programs. We also file documents for tax map consolidations or divisions.


Each client can take advantage of Flanagan | Bilton’s state-of-the-art online portfolio manager reporting system.

When experience & professionalism come together, you are in good company!

Do you need assistance with Commercial Property Taxes?

We Can ASSIST WITH Property Tax Payment Organization for Large Portfolios & REITS


Actual Google Reviews from Real Clients

I had used them to see if I can reduce my property taxes. I was very impressed with how fast everything got done. The few people I had spoken to over the phone and dealt with were very knowledgeable and very fast to get me answers. They were able to get me a reduction. I recommend them to everyone I know that owns a home and business.
Ana Martinez
Great company. In the course of appealing my taxes I found out I qualified for a Senior Freeze and Senior Exemption. I was very pleased.
Denise Gartland
Great work! Lowered my property taxes!!
Diamante Roach
As a commercial mortgage broker I will only refer my clients to Flanagan Bilton. They are the only national practice that still maintains intimate knowledge and relationships with assessors on a local level. They advise local private owners and national institutional investors alike and treat them all with the same level of responsiveness and importance.
Scott Walder

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